Saturday, November 10, 2012

Interactive Bump it Up Wall

Todays classrooms are filled with a wide variety and unique learning tools for student success. One learning tool that is well known for its student friendly way of getting to the next level is the bump it up wall. The bump it up wall, when used correctly is an excellent way for students to take their work/feedback handed back from the teacher and compare their work to the corresponding level on the bump it up wall. Students can then see what the next level of work looks like as well as read how to get to that next level. Here is a picture of my bump it up wall from this year.

As we all know todays students are using technology more and more. Therefore it only makes sense to use technology within the classroom. This is common practice for a lot of teachers, however it is extremely important to remind ourselves about the usage of technology while experimenting with the many different ways we can do so. Considering the many types of learning styles students prefer when learning in class, it is appropriate to use technology directed at those learnng styles. I asked my students at the start of the year when we were talking about bumping up our work whether they would rather come to the bump it up wall and read how to get to the next level or would they like to have the option of hearing how to get to the next level. Almost all of them said they would rather follow the words while its being read to them. Therefore I created an interactive bump it up wall with the help of a Livescribe Pen. The students simply click the pen to the ink I have placed on the bump it up wall and they can hear my voice through the pen telling them how to get to the next level for each individual piece on the wall. Here is a quick video of a student using the bump it up wall with the Livescribe Pen followed by some pictures of him successfully bumping up his work. Enjoy!


This is one of the many ways we can use technology to ensure our students success, Thanks for reading !

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hands on Experiences !

Take a second and think back to when you were in school.....What positive academic experiences did you have? What were you learning about? You can remember these experiences simply because it was a time that you engaged yourself in something unique, something exciting, something that you can remember always.

One of our many goals as teachers should be to provide our students with educational memories that will last a life time. Not only will these experiences help them understand a variety of concepts during that given time, but it should allow them to retain what they learned as well.

Here is a small example of what I mean: Grade 5 students learning about Conservation of Energy and how energy transforms into different kinds of energy, yet remains. These kids had a blast learning about this strand of science and will hopefully always remember their experience making WIND TURBINES !